Kia Ora and welcome to Loose Line!
Loose Line is where NZ art meets dirt. We illustrate our fabrics by hand-drawing a mix of NZ fauna and other kiwi inspired things.
The tops are made tough and original using the best quick-dry fabric we can source, you can wear them biking, running, hiking and wherever the outdoors takes you.
Loose Line is Nelson based, founded by an artist and ex-XC MTB racer who struggled to find clothing that looked good but also performed well.
We are family owned and operated, in NZ. Our gear is made overseas by a smaller production line that focuses on high quality production. We’ve started with a womens range, then developed a mens line-up and kids. We always have ideas in the works. For our next collection we will be heading high into the mountains. 

Behind the design

You know the drill, out shirts are pretty comfortable & functional. Now this wasn’t by accident. The fit has been meticulously tweaked on the trails over the years. We’ve been constantly testing on the trails and scratching our heads in how to make it completely awesome.
The fit is not for mannequins but made to flatter the average person. We’ve gone super simple with fit, but been precise in every measurement and seam. The fabric is lightweight and strong, and the shirt should give to a full range of motion.
We don’t have gimmicky features, but we have shirts that well designed, functional and made to last. Yes, we hope you wear them out because they are not designed to fall apart or fade. They are versatile, designed originally for riding bikes, but are awesome for hiking, climbing, running and generally being outside and doing stuff.


Original designs

We wanted to look super casual but bright and happy, a burst of colour in the wilderness. Tired of being bombarded with gigantic logo branding, a moving billboard. 
We try to be different from the major brands. So you don’t look like a clone when you wear our gear. Each design has a small run compared with big brands, so you will be original.
We make the shirts so you feel good wearing them, and are backed up by excellent design and tech so they perform well.

Wild & Native

We were inspired to make the Wild & Native collections in the middle of the first lockdown, during the roar last year, by the local wildlife that came very close to home while the hills quietened down. During a few walks we were lucky enough to see a few stags getting frisky with the ladies, this led to our Wild & Native design. We hope that you like them.