The ZESTY .B design in the making
The ZESTY .B design in the making. Here are a few notes about the design. We start with choosing flowers that have a variety of different shapes and sizes. We then draw the flowers by hand, they were then scanned and converted into graphics, while retaining all the hand drawn aspects. A lot of flowers did not make the cut and were left out.

Careful colour consideration is done, using a combination of Pantone colour charts, swatches and imagined colour palettes. The colour is always one of the hardest aspects to make work especially when working with such a wide range. Even the slightest change in tone of one colour can affect the whole graphic. You will note that the aqua greens were too bright and had to be de-saturated.

Placement of each hand-drawn flower is also very important. To start with we worked with the overall layout and from there in shuffled things around so that the placement was aesthetically pleasing. We wanted the majority of one side covered with the graphic, as if it were bursting out the side. Even small things like the angle of the leaves add to the energetic display.

We wanted this design to carry on around the torso. Yet we felt that one side needed to have a bit of space otherwise the design would be too overwhelming. We also did not want to cover the entire back with graphics, this would also be too much, so we designed the panelling with two bottom pieces. These are strategically placed for a number of reasons.
The back ground of the shirt is made up of hand drawn horizontal lines condensed and stretched out.
November 26, 2018

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