High Speed - Purple Paradise
This is the High Speed - Purple Paradise, inspired by Aotearoa.
Starting with the NZ $50 note, we thought the blue fungi - Werewere-Kōkako was pretty cool. We had spotted this one in the Kahurangi National Park and loved the Māori story behind the name in relation to the Kōkako bird.
The Hounds Tounge/Kowaowao grabbed our attention on local walks up the Grampians in Nelson. Also just down the road, the Basket Fungus/Tutae Kehua popped up one very wet day.
The Poroporo seems to be on most of the mountain bike trails, and is quite interesting when you look close.
The Kākābeak (kōwhai ngutukākā in Māori) is a stunning native shrub that is now endangered in the wild.
The Purple Pouch Fungus, is a hidden gem that we found at the Nelson Lakes National Park, it emerges and becomes bright purple as it is exposed to light.

So now you know part of the story behind this wild collection of fauna! We also added in some other cool native fauna that we come across while exploring our NZ paradise. The graphics are hand drawn and complemented with a palette of bold bright colours.

August 12, 2021

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